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Ernie Conover is author of nine published books, countless articles and a host of videos on YouTube and as published DVD's. His YouTube Videos can be seen at our YouTube Channel. His books that are in print are offered below. They can be autographed and our discounted prices are competitive with online pricing.


Bench Planes, a 55 minute DVD $19.95

presented by Ernie Conover

Our Discounted Price $15.95

Bench Planes by Ernie ConoverThe Missing Shop Manual: Bench Planes delivers all the information you need to select and use planes—bringing Ernie Conover right into your shop in the process. It covers the same ground as his one-day class: Hand Plane Basics. In this 55 minute DVD he covers both wood and metal planes, with the emphasis on the latter. In addition to detailing the basics of setup, sharpening and adjusting (what Ernie calls tuning), this comprehensive video shows you innumerable tips and techniques, so you’ll get the most out of your planes.

You'll learn everything from working up rough-sawn boards, to planing end grain, to making and using shooting boxes—with plans for the shooting boxes in the Shop Manual. There are also sections devoted to the history of Spiers, Norris, Stanley/Bailey and Bedrock planes, with information on determining their date of manufacture. Even if you’ve been woodworking for years, you'll wish you had this Manual and DVD much sooner!



The Frugal Woodturner

by Ernie Conover $19,95

Our Discounted Price $15.95

Frugal Woodturner by Ernie Conover

Filled with information on lathes, turning tools, and blades, this comprehensive guide covers all the elements needed for setting up and maintaining a personal woodturning shop. Providing the necessary knowledge for woodturning on a budget, this manual informs on where to find good deals and how-and when-to personally make repairs. Instructions on making accessories, sharpening tools, choosing a lathe, finding cheap wood, and setting up a turning shop at three different budget levels are also provided. Giving the aspiring turner options, this handy guide makes turning affordable for everyone.

    The timing of The Frugal Woodturner could not be more appropriate. Today, much of our focus in making has shifted to our finished products rather than the methods we use to make them. Man has always made objects to make other objects. It is how we trained ourselves to become problem solvers. The tools the jigs and the methods of making —it's all here.—David Ellsworth, woodturner, author and instructor.

    Anyone wanting to invest in a wonder and fulfilling hobby will find this book a gold mind of information.—Dale Nish, woodturning Pioneer, educator and author.


The Lathe Book 2nd Edition $24.95

by Ernie Conover

Our Discounted Price $19.95

The Lathe Book by Ernie ConoverA complete guide to the machine and its accessories No other book gives you such valuable information on the essential turning tool. Completely revised and updated, The Lathe Book is the comprehensive guide to woodturning machinery, incorporating the many innovations in the lathe and its accessories. This book covers every aspect of the lathe, including how to choose one, how to select tools and accessories, how to maintain and repair the machine, and basic techniques.

You will get:

    • expert advice on choosing a lathe
    • tips on maintaining a lathe for optimal performance
    • easy-to-follow basic techniques that help build lathe skills
    • more than 220 color photos and illustrations "...a comprehensive guide to wood lathes..." -- Woodshop News




    Turn a Bowl $19.95

    with Ernie Conover

    Our Discounted Price $15.95

    Turn a Bowl with Ernie Conover

    The Woodworker's Guide to Dovetails $24.95

    by Ernie Conover

    Our Price $19.95

    How to make this essential joint by hand or machine.

    Woodworkers Guide to Dovetails by Ernie ConoverI have long thought that the bickering between hand cutting and the machine cutting was silly, for I use both methods as the situation dictates. Sure, I love to hand cut and I use this method for my finest furniture. However, a good dovetail jig brings speed efficiency and economy when I am pushed for time. We are blessed today with a host of good jigs that produces first-rate joinery.



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