Rag Rug Weaving Tool List


All equipment is provided for this course which includes: Glimakra counterbalance looms; fully beamed, threaded and sleyed with 8/3 linen rug warp; reeds; shuttles; bobbins and pirns; bobbin winders; cone stands and metal temples.

Weft material supplied by student:

Cotton material is the best (especially Kona brand cotton fabric) 2.5-3 pounds or the equivalent in size to two queen-size flat sheets required. Solid colored weft material allows the weave structure (twill) to show up prominently in the rug. Multi-colored weft (printed fabric) material creates a muted but beautiful rug - the weave structure lends itself to the stability of the rug but is not readily evident when looking at it.
All materials must be washed and ironed.
All materials must have seams, zippers, fasteners and buttons removed.
All materials must be of the same fabric weight and content.

If using material for finishing your hem:

A contrasting cotton fabric is most ideal. For each end of the rug you will need approximately 8" wide by 30" long. You do NOT need to have this for the class. Many people wait to see how their rug looks once off the loom prior to purchasing this material. Printed instructions are provided to each student to be completed at home.

Also necessary and make sure your items are marked with your name:

Slippers, yoga socks or sandals for use while in the studio.
Rotary Cutter -The best strip cutting results are from a rotary cutter (60mm size is most useful and comfortable, but any size will do) and a new, sharp blade which is manufactured for your particular cutter.
Very Sharp Fabric Scissors
Cutting Mat at least 36" long
Straight Edge at least 36" long is helpful but we can use a wooden warp stick for the same result
Tape Measure

Other items:

3-ring Notebook

Sack lunch with beverage (we do not have a deli/restuarant nearby)


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